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Tru Hearing is a third party payer that works with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans. Your choices are very limited with Tru Hearing. First, you must find a Tru Hearing Provider and that provider unfortunately is not always an audiologist. Tru Hearing only offers one brand of hearing aid to their patients in the Select Program which is the BCBS Medicare Advantage Program and Tru Hearing is owned by a manufacturer of hearing aids that is the one brand they need to recommend to patients. So your choices are very limited with Tru Hearing.

But what you need to know is that Tru Hearing is not your only choice in some counties in Minnesota!

Tru Hearing is not necessarily your only choice if you have a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan in the state of Minnesota. BCBS offer a choice to many of its Medicare Advantage Plan members of either seeing a Tru Hearing Provider or seeing the audiologist of their choice and have a portion of medically necessary hearing aids paid for by BCBS.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield only mentions the Tru Hearing benefit in their brochures because they felt they only needed to tell their members about their “in-network” benefits. The irony here is that I am and have been an in-network provider with BCBS for many years. People who deal with hearing loss prefer to work with a provider they trust and are comfortable with. And so many of my patients will be taking advantage of the other benefit they can receive from BCBS.

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