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Alta comes in a wide range of behind-the ear and RITE styles – with a colour palette to suit your individual taste, whether you prefer your hearing aid to blend in or stand out from the crowd.

With Oticon’s expanded range of in-the-ear hearing aids, you also have the option of a comfortable premium solution fitted to hide discreetly inside your ears. However you choose to live your life, you can choose the Alta solution shaped for you.

Octicon Alta Hearing Aids by Starkey
Octicon Alta Hearing Aids by Starkey

Introducing Opn 2 and Opn 3

Open up the world to more people

Oticon is excited to introduce new performance levels and an expanded fitting range that covers hearing losses from mild to severe-to-profound, making the groundbreaking technology and benefits of Oticon Opn available to even more users.

In complex listening environments where sound sources are many, dynamic and unpredictable, current hearing aid technology is too slow. Directionality and noise reduction systems working independently of each other limit hearing aid users by only focusing on one sound source coming from the front. All other sounds are treated as noise and subsequently closed down, resulting in a narrowed and artificial listening experience for the user.

Our new, groundbreaking technology in Opn is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the soundscape, and differentiate between sounds. It allows us to constantly open up and balance individual sounds to deliver a rich and meaningful soundscape, empowering the brain to choose which sound to focus on and easily change focus if it so desires.

With Oticon’s new approach to delivering the best audiology, people with hearing loss will experience an open world. The extreme speed of this new technology stimulates users with more accurate information about the soundscape. This enables them to more easily locate and separate sound sources and focus on what they find important, while maintaining the full sound picture.

Oticon Opn™ is available in three performance levels. The discreet miniRITE has a single push button for easy operation of volume and programs. In addition to miniFit 60 and miniFit 85 receivers, Oticon Opn™ can now be used with the proven miniFit 100 and 105 power receivers to match a broader range of hearing losses.  The performance of Opn is now available to more of your patients.

Our new groundbreaking Velox™ platform enables a paradigm shift in hearing care, processing sound 50 times faster than ever before*. Oticon Opn™ is fast and precise enough to support the brain in making sense of sound.

Velox enables the world’s first TwinLink™ communication system: Near-Field Binaural Communication for uncompromising binaural information exchange, and 2.4 GHz for advanced connectivity.

Opn™ makes it possible to follow multiple speakers in complex listening environments:

• The first hearing aid proven to make it easier on the brain
• The world’s first TwinLink technology
• Made for iPhone® and direct streaming connectivity

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

Why wait? You don’t have to live with hearing loss.